Questions and Answers

Is it possible to have a picnic in the park?

Also, throughout the complex there are tables and benches for guests to use.

Can we do a barbecue in the park?

Yes, there are facilities throughout the complex.

Is there a shadow in the park?

Throughout the park there are shading facilities, including one of the pools. Around the camping area there are trees that provide natural shade.

Is the park lit?

For your convenience and safety sleeping area illuminated projectors throughout the night.

Is there access to electricity?

Yes, there is a possibility to connect electricity camping site.

Nes Harim water park is suitable for small children raised?

The park has a kiddie pool and inflatable playgrounds for children.

Some pools have a water park?

The water park includes a semi-Olympic pool, swimming and water slides and a kiddie pool.

Are there attractions for children?

Yes. The water park features water slides, trampolines and inflatables.

Is there parking nearby water park?

Yes. Parking is free and is very close to the water park and campground complex.

Is Park provides tents?

No. Bring your sleeping gear (sleeping bags / tents) from home.

Is the park is equipped with a PA system?

Yes. As required by law, the park has a public address system for gathering large groups.

Is the park is equipped with amplification system?

Yes. Your enjoyment, you can use the PA system of the water park to play music.

Is there Hiking around?

Yes, Nes Harim area attractions include the stalactite caves (Soreq Cave), River Arbutus, Stef beautiful tourist routes and more. In addition, you can tour the wineries, and conduct tours on horseback in one of the farms nearby.

Can I stay in the guest rooms at Nes Harim?

Certainly! We offer five luxurious B & B suitable for couples or families of up to 4 people. Bed and breakfasts are located in a private and closed park, and are equipped with a variety of treats such as a Jacuzzi and high-quality viewing systems.