לינה וקמפיניג בירושלים

Workers are planning a fun day team-building day? Miracle Mountain Water Park offers a fantastic combination of fun in the pool and green areas with Camping in tents or under the stars.
The complex designed for sleeping open space for large groups starting from 50 people. Have to bring equipment Camping or tents outside and the water park Nes Harim provides visitors with all the accompanying services necessary for sleeping space comfortable and enjoyable: clean bathrooms and spacious showers with hot water, free parking near the compound, water for drinking and cooking, a refrigerator, and the possibility of access to electricity. The park's cafeteria provides drinks, snacks and light meals.

Camping for groups of 50 people or more and not to private customers

Outdoors in a park provides the following services:
– Toilet
– Showers
– Peripheral illumination
– Electrical load cell
– Refrigerators. And a gas stove. (The group to a gas cylinder)
The water park and camping area fenced and protected around the clock. Lbtihotcm and projectors illuminate your convenience throughout the complex overnight.
There is a separation between the compound Hkmfinig the pool area and the park
Arrival coordination and clarification opening hours, please contact: 02-5795959