Miracle Water Park Mountain is located in one of the most beautiful regions in Israel – Judean Hills. Nes Harim surrounded by lovely pine forests and rich bicycle lanes and roads driving fun and beautiful hiking trails.
You can arrange rides on horseback in one of the nearby farms, or combine a vacation trip to wineries in the area or a quality meal at a restaurant overlooking the beautiful views of the area. The nearest travel websites are the stalactite caves (Soreq Cave) – one of the most popular sites in the country, as well as river Arbutus, offers beautiful hiking trails, shaded and bloom suitable for all seasons. Other nearby sites include the eye Stef Nahal Dolev (can be combined with a trip to the Cave Twins spring and summer months).
Stalactite cave
Stalactites Cave is one of Israel's most popular tourist destinations thanks to a huge variety of stalactites and stalagmites. Cave tour takes about 45 minutes along the path marked and easy to walk (there are bulletin disabled, but you can only reach the viewing platform).
Cave entrance fee (25 ₪ Adult 13 ₪ Child).
Opening hours are 8:00 to 17:00 between April and September,
And 8: 00 to 16:00 between October and March. On Fridays and holiday eves cave closes an hour earlier.

How to get there:
Take Highway 3866 continued up the hill about 5 km to the Challenger junction. Turn left and continue down the road about 2 km to the parking lot.
River Arbutus
A 5-minute drive from the Cave stalactites found in river Arbutus, a lovely hiking and cycling. The length of the trail creek Arbutus is 5 kilometers (about four hours walk). The course is suitable for all seasons and every season you can find a different kind of rash: cyclamen, anemone, poppies, irises, orchids and more.
You can choose between two paths – just drop a track that suits everybody (has to leave vehicles at the end of the runway) or a circular route that includes it difficult and suitable only for experienced hikers.

How to get there:
Take Highway 3866 junction Nes Harim. At the intersection of Route 386. Turn left after 2 km you will reach the car park river Arbutus.